A weekend of fiction for bookworms

New Delhi: Browse through the pile of gripping titles, this weekend.

Book: "Tigers in Red Weather"; Written by Lisa Klaussmann; Published by Picador; Priced at Rs.550

The epitome of East Coast glamour, Tiger House is where the beautiful and the damned have always come to play in summer. It is the scene of martinis and moonlit conspiracies, and the sleek, beguiling Nick. As World War II ends, Nick and her cousin Helena are on the cusp of adulthood, the world seeming to offer itself up to them. Helena is leaving for Hollywood and a new marriage, and Nick is to be reunited with her husband Hughes, due to return from London and the war. Everything is about to change. Neither women quite finds the life they had imagined, and as the years pass, the trips to Tiger House take on a new complexity. Then, on the brink of the 1960s, Nick`s daughter Daisy and Helena`s son Ed make a sinister discovery. It plunges the island`s bright heat into private shadow and strikes a blow into the heart of the family.

Book: "Goat Days"; Written by Benyamin (Translated into English from Malayalam); Published by Penguin India; Priced at Rs.250

Najeeb`s dearest wish is to work in the Gulf and earn enough money to send back home. He achieves his dream only to be propelled by a series of incidents, grim and absurd, into a slave-like existence herding goats in the middle of the Saudi desert. Memories of the lush, verdant landscape of his village and of his loving family haunt Najeeb, whose only solace is the companionship of goats. In the end, the lonely young man contrives a hazardous scheme to escape his desert prison.

"Goat Days" was published to acclaim in Malayalam and became a bestseller. One of the brilliant new talents of Malayalam literature, Benyamin`s wry and tender telling transforms this strange and bitter comedy into a universal tale of loneliness and alienation.

Book: "Triumph of Togetherness"; Written by Anil Sainani and Rahul Pandey; Published by Wisdom Tree; Priced at.Rs 295

"Triumph of Togetherness" is a moving celebration of family values and team spirit. It vividly describes, in an uncomplicated manner, the process of cohesiveness and provides fresh yet timeless solutions to the universal challenges it brings along. While the story is set in the context of a family, it holds equally true for relationships in business - among and between promoters and professionals, government officials, sportspersons, different societal groups, nations and humanity at large.

Book: "Another Country"; Written by Anjali Joseph; Published by Harper Collins-India; Priced at Rs.499

A second novel from the author of the multiple-award winning "Saraswati Park". Paris, London, Bombay: three cities form a backdrop to a journey through Leela`s 20s at the dawn of the new millennium as she learns to negotiate the world, work, relationships and sex, and find some measure of authenticity. Sharp, funny, and melancholy, the book looks at friendship, love, and the idea of belonging in its movements through old and new worlds.

Book: "Rabbit Rap"; Written by Musharraf Ali Farooqi and Michelle Farooqi; Published by Penguin India; Priced at Rs.499

In an age when rabbits live in happy freedom from their natural predators and are busy violently taming nature, some of them seek to do away with warren dwelling, and liberate themselves from the old ways. They find a true believer in Rabbit Hab, an enterprising head rabbit. As the ambitious Hab presses forward with his futuristic vision, he must contend with opposition, sabotage, and dirty double-dealing from an unlikely quarter. A story of modern-day existence through the eyes of rabbits.