Best-selling author reveals secrets in tell-all book

Washington: A best-selling author has in a tell-all book, revealed the secret life of celebrities he interviewed during his work as a pop culture expert.

Pickup artist and former celebrity journalist Neil Strauss wrote the back, ‘Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead’, based on interviews he did while working as a pop culture expert for the New York Times and Rolling Stone.

“A lot of these interviews came from the golden age of celebrity journalism,” Fox News quoted Strauss as saying in an exclusive interview about the book.

“Celebrities are now keeping control of their image through Facebook and Twitter, and tell fans only what they want to tell them. You don’t know the real person anymore,” he said.

The book recounts how a then 19-year-old Christina Aguilera reacted to the news that a Baptist organization had named Britney Spears a role model of the year, based on her promises to remain a virgin until marriage.

“Oh? I can’t believe that. She’s not a virgin! Maybe it is Jessica Simpson, she is like that,” Aguilera apparently told Strauss while rolling her eyes in disgust.

Strauss also claims that Paris Hilton, who had in 2009 said she would never get breast implants out of a fear of needles, revealed a different story.

“I had a breast job when I was 14, but my mother made me take them out,” Hilton apparently told Strauss, according to the book.

“I’m thinking about posing for Playboy. They love famous people’s kids. And the only reason I’d do it is because when my dad finds out, he’ll pay me double the money not to do it,” she had allegedly told Strauss.

Other celebrities featured in the book are, Britney Spears, Loretta Lynn, Gwen Stefani, singer Jewel, Sharon Osbourne, Hugh Laurie, Backstreet Boys, and Johnny Cash.



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