China prints 100 million Bibles

Beijing: China has turned the world`s biggest Bible publisher after printing its 100 millionth copy earlier this year, the country`s only authorised Bible-printing company has claimed.

According to Qiu Zhonghui, chairman of the board of Amity Printing Co. Ltd., based in the Chinese city of Nanjing, the 100 millionth copy was printed in July, China Daily reported.

He says the company has printed about 60 million holy books, including nine ethnic minority language editions. It has also provided 40 million copies in over 90 languages to around 70 countries and regions in the world.

A joint venture of China`s Amity Foundation and the United Bible Societies, Amity Printing has been publishing the Bible since 1988.

Due to Chinese government policies, the company benefits from being exempted from various taxes when producing the Bible.

There are 16 million Christians, 55,000 churches or gathering venues, 36,000 missionaries and 100,000 church volunteers in China. Besides, the country has 18 divinity and Bible schools with 1,800 seminarians.