Morrissey reveals deepest secrets in new tell all book

Updated: Oct 18, 2013, 14:26 PM IST

London: Morrissey has finally revealed the deepest secrets about his life in his latest book ` Autobiography`.

The book, which is published by Penguin Classics, details the former `The Smiths` lead vocalist`s first real relationship of his life in his 30`s with a man named Jake Owen Walters, reported.

He said that for the first time in his life "the eternal `I` became `we`," as he could finally get on with someone, and the couple neither sought nor needed any other company for the whirlwind stretch to come.

The 54-year-old singer has also revealed that he was once sensually fondled by one male teacher in his school and there was another teacher who used to stare at boys in the shower.

The ` Asleep` hitmaker has also revealed that he was offered acting roles in hit series ` Emmerdale` and ` EastEnders` and could have starred as Dot Cotton`s son.

It was earlier reported that the singer had pulled out his book due to some content disagreement with the publisher.