Quick shopping tips to beat stress

Chonmipem Horam

Winter has finally set in and spirit of the season of Christmas celebrations is in the air. This season synonyms with merry-making, get-togethers, gift exchanging - the time has come to throng shops for Christmas gifts and to pamper oneself to the heart’s content.

But before your busy schedule engrosses you and gives you the last minute blues, here are some quick shopping tips that can you can use:

-Before you start shopping, make a list of all the items and prioritise it

-Start shopping little by little to ditch the last minute rushes.

-Remember, good quality matters. Don’t buy cheap stuff that will last just for few days or months.

-Venture out particularly on week-days and off-peak hours as people tend to shop less during this time.

- Go for online shopping at the comfort of your own home. But make sure that your credit cards are secured.

- Don’t limit your choice. Better to make multiple choices in case some items are out of stock

- Buy extra gifts in case someone turns up unexpectedly or someone gives you a gift, to reciprocate the same.

- Ask for the receipts after every purchase, in case of faulty goods and damages, replacement can be done.

Besides this, your creativity can do wonders as Christmas gifts are more than just gifts.

Take a look at some of these easy, simple home-made goods that can be given as Christmas gifts for your loved ones-

1. Know knitting? Then start it right away. What can be more ideal for Christmas than home-knitted socks, mufflers and caps in this winter season.

2. Become a Chef for a day in your own kitchen. Bake cookies, muffins, cakes and deliver them to your loved ones. It will be deeply appreciated.

3. A jar filled with candies, toffees, chocolates tied with satin bow makes a wonderful gift.

4. Make handmade Christmas tree ornaments out of empty match boxes by wrapping colourful paper and tying with tiny little threads. This can be used as dangler in the tree.

5. You can make a cushion by filling it with the leftover fabric. Buy a plain cover and embellish it with embroidery or fabric paints.

6. Buy plain hand towels and adorn them by sewing bright ribbons on the edge.

7. You can gift a beauty basket comprising cosmetic products, shampoo, moisturiser, soaps etc.

8. A great gift for family. Fill a basket with Christmas video games, Christmas story books, Movie CDs.

9. A simple potted plant and seed sachets are an ideal gift for those who are interested in gardening.

10. Buy a big wooden spatula and make a painting out of it. This can be used as a decorative piece on the wall.

11. Make a hanger for light earrings and beaded necklaces out of cardboard by gluing them with a hard bright fabric. Put a hook in the front and add hanger to the back attached with a wire.

12. Make a beaded sunglasses holder with elastic strings attached with simple beads and tie them to both sides of the glasses.

13. You can make a button and bead tea cup along with a saucer plate that can be kept as a show-piece. Use bright solid cup and paste the buttons and beads of different shapes and sizes with the hot glue on the edges of the cup and saucer plate.

14. You can make a fancy rubber band for pony tails and a floral brooch for coats and jackets. Buy a readymade fabric flower and stitch it on the outer edge of the rubber band with a tiny needle. For brooch, just buy a firm safety pin and attached it with the flower piece.

15. You can also gift novelty sets of magnets for the fridge. This can be a chariot, plastic fruits, cartoon characters etc.

16. Make a book-mark out of recycled papers with special quotes and place a ribbon at the edge. Your book-mark will find a special place in a Bible, diary, books and novels.

17. Gift a puzzle-piece frame using craft sticks and a photo. Glue the crafts sticks at the edge to make the frame firmer and paste the puzzle piece at all sides of the picture.

18. Gift a picture of yourself or group photos in an album to someone special in your life or friends.

19. Picture taken from your mobile or camera can be washed and made into a collage fitted in a frame or can be made into greeting cards too.

20. Make a pen holder collage with old magazines. Glue them to the tin with a transparent cellophane tape on all the sides.

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