Health and beauty care during summers

Smita Mishra

While summer is the time of light clothes, glamorous sunshades and funky parasols, it is also the time of heat, dehydration, sun stroke and sun burns which take a toll on body. Care is needed to guard the body, skin and hair from the bad effects of scorching heat. Here are some useful tips to keep yourself fit, fine and fashionable this summer.

Skin care:

Drink large amounts of water. This would hydrate your skin from within.

Go for a sun block with SPF. Use it over your face and body to ward off the skin cancer inducing UV rays. Use it liberally and reapply frequently.

Protect your eyes with large sunglasses. They will protect delicate skin around eyes from sun burn.

As in summer, skin gets oilier and more pimple prone, light makeup is the best option. Water based skin care products are ideal.

Toning of skin is very important in summers. You can do this by applying watermelon, orange or cucumber juice on your face and body.

Washing the face frequently with water and applying ice at least twice a day is also a good way to ward off pimples and heat rashes.

Hair Care:

Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the blazing summer sun.

A regular head bath will free your hair from accumulated dust.

Rub lemon on your scalp. This will reduce dandruff and cool your head.

Amla and Henna also cool the scalp, remove dandruff and moisturize hair roots.

Carry an umbrella to protect your hair and skin.

Never use warm water to wash your head. At the same time avoid taking head bath in extremely cold water.

Use curd and honey as natural conditioners.

Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals as they tend to dry the skin.

Body Care:

Drink lots of water, eat platefuls of salads and fruits and take tons of liquids like fruit juices and nariyal pani to keep your body well hydrated.

Exercise, and tone up. The best way to feel healthy is to burn those extra calories that you tend to stuff yourself with.

Eat light. It will make you feel better and lighter. Food rich in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fats actually help in summers.

Buy a good foot scrub to remove all your dead cells. You can also do this with besan, milk and turmeric. Soft, pretty feet guaranteed!

Keep your feet dry and clean when away from the water, and apply an anti-fungal cream on cracked foot.

Wear bright summery prints, and strappy sandals. Avoid socks and keds too as they cause the feet to stink.

Take bath twice with water mixed with essential oils like lavender, sandalwood and lemon. They not just soothe your senses but also keep the body odor off.

Control body odor by shaving off unwanted hair and applying a good deodorant. Taking bath in cologne water and spraying cologne also helps tremendously.

And last, but not the least, breathe in fresh air, keep happy and control your stress to have a skin and body that glow past summers!


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