`LiLo-type` booze monitoring `bracelets` to enter UK markets

London: UK will soon have the alcohol-monitoring ankle tags, similar to the ones that Lindsay Lohan had worn, to put a control on drinking.

Courts would soon have the new law running, which would make it mandatory for the offenders to wear `booze bracelets` called SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring), in order to keep a check on the alcohol intake through sweat every half-hour, reportedly.

The Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring scheme would be tested in South London in August, and could move to England and Wales as well, and Emily Robinson, from Alcohol Concern, said that it was encouraging to see such pilots as most of the crimes that took place were alcohol related.

However, the creators of the US tag SCRAM say that the bracelet wasn`t foolproof as the sensor could go off if spray tans and fragrances containing alcohol were used.

Back in 2010, Lohan, 28, had flaunted her booze tag and had even sported it as she posed in bikinis and short dresses post her court appearances.

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