Anupama Dayal`s love for India continues

Candolim: With many Indian designers looking towards the West for inspiration, designer Anupama Dayal continues to get creatively inspired by the rich colour of India and this is what one witnessed in her collection "Apsara" on the opening day of the India Resort Fashion Week (IRFW).

The second edition of the fashion extravaganza started Wednesday.

"I always make sure to add Indian sensibilities to my collection, so when I was working for my beachwear line this season, I tried to work with Indian colours. Also I tried interesting drape, some of them were inspired from sari. The concept sari and the collection that I showcased last year was received very well so I thought why not this edition as well," said Dayal.

The collection was an amalgamation of dhoti trousers, kaftans and other silhouettes in flowy fabrics. Also there was heavy usage of Indian colours like sindoori red, tota green and kesariya yellow.

"I always believe in creating something that falls beautifully and suits every body type. I have always maintained that my collection is for woman who is comfortable and confident with her body type. when I started my designing career, people used to say my work is completely resort-based and that I was perfect for making resortwear trends, so I thought let`s just make it my signature style and bring in new trends," said the designer.

Dayal believes that resort wear is not only restricted to bikinis but to variety of garments.

"Resort wear is not only about bikinis but also about interesting drapes and dresses that one can comfortably wear while on a holiday," said Dayal, who has also used lot of beads, fables and shells in the garments to give it more of Goan feel.

The designer feels Indians have more knowledge about resortwear trends, and if the talent is put to use rightly, "we can do wonders".

"We understand the sun, weather and fabrics like anybody else. Also, our techniques and processes are very organic. So, if we put it all together in the market, it will be a lethal combination which will attract international buyers any day," she said.