Beyonce `does own makeup and clips her locks`

Washington: Beyonce, who has come a long way since first trying makeup when she was 6 years old, has revealed that she often does her own makeup for appearances but her love for the basics remains.

Asked what she wears to look awake after sleepless nights spent with baby Blue, she replies, “Lip gloss – I love L’Oreal’s Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in Coral Sands – and a little bit of blush.”

“I was playing in my mother’s makeup,” People magazine quoted her as saying.

“I had blue eye shadow and red lips, and I put crazy blush on. I looked like a clown, but I thought I was so beautiful,” she said.
Growing up around her mom Tina Knowles’s salon, Beyonce learned a lot about beauty.

“I like to experiment with my hair.

“I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair,” she said.

In fact, she recently gave herself a trim, cutting two inches off her ends.

“I just parted it in the middle and chh-chh-chh,” she said.
But it``s inner beauty that she values most and she hopes her daughter will learn to do the same.

“My biggest thing is to teach Blue not to focus on the aesthetic.
“It’s really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful,” she said.

She was then asked if she’s comfortable leaving the house without makeup.

“Every day in my life is a part of my history, and I’ve worked really hard on my career and my life. So I make sure I wouldn’t be upset if somebody saw me.

“I don’t have to spend that much time on my skin.

“I’m pretty good at throwing out the expired stuff, but I hold on to my mascara for a long time.

“I actually prefer old mascara. It makes your lashes thicker and longer,” she said.

However, regardless of who’s seeing her and where, the star is feels better than ever.

“I have embraced my flaws.

“And I feel more confident,” she added.


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