Blush like a Celebrity!

Yes, blushers if applied correctly – provides an adoring warmth and unrivaled glow onto one’s face! Different people have different styles to do it – but, how these Bollywood actresses do it with the utmost perfection is best described by Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur. Read on top know the secrets!

Kareena Kapoor Style:

An epitome for exhibiting natural flush through her face, this lady does the task of applying a blush, just like a pro. For this, she applies a pale pink or peach shade of blush-on over the apple of her cheeks – that eventually uplifts her cheekbones endowing her with a super-chiseled look. She also makes an effort to put a hint of blush on the very sides of her nose as well and blend it superbly for a softer avatar. 

Aishwarya Rai Style: 

This diva applies pink-hued blush below her cheekbones to bestow her face with a little slimmed-down effect yet maintaining the due warmth on it. Gunjan advises, to implement it with a smudger blush to infuse a healthy radiance to your makeup. 

Deepika Padukone Style: 

This dusky siren makes it a point to enhance her hazy trait by implementing a lot of bronzing along with her makeup. So, although she ends up avoiding much of blush-ons; she still uses a dark-tint of it below her cheekbones that gives her a sun-kissed look she’s famous for! Bronzing is emerging everyone’s favorite these days for the tanned look it provides in a go. 

Katrina Kaif Style:

Applying blushers most of the time on the apple of the cheekbones is what this lady seems to be fan of! Therefore, she perfectly applies a nice shade of pink as blusher on these areas, while also highlighting the area above her cheekbones to emerge as a pink-princess. She also contours the lower part of the cheekbones with a dark color to add a dash of rustic charm to her face. Contouring with a dark color is best suited for people with round face shapes – as they cut down volume from it. 

Alia Bhatt Style: 

This lass, aims for using strong blushers to do away with facial chubbiness. Using them on the apple of the cheekbones and sometimes above it – is what she prefers over anything to make her face appear chiseled all the time. Gunjan says, very strong blushers are best for people with round and heavy faces as they can certainly induce a slimmer effect on their face in a jiffy!

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