Comfortable means tracksuit for Cheryl Cole

London: Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole says there`s "nothing better" than wearing her off-duty uniform, which includes a tracksuit and no makeup.

"In LA, I always wear sunscreen. In Newcastle, I probably wear no makeup. There`s nothing better than a comfy tracksuit, hair scraped up and no makeup."

"Drinking red wine. And I do like the occasional cigarette. It`s dehydrating for the skin. And flying. I fly a lot, so I have to keep on top of that," added the 30-year-old.

The singer was once branded the most beautiful woman in the world by ‘X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell, but she believes beauty comes from within and personality is what makes someone attractive.

"I`m surrounded by beautiful women. Some are aesthetically beautiful and their insides are ugly and it shows through. Then, the most unassuming girl wearing geeky glasses is gorgeous. It all comes from inside - that`s what makes a woman beautiful," said Cole.


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