Heavy makeup makes you look aged: Whitney Port

Los Angeles: TV personality-designer Whitney Port says less is more, when it comes to makeup. She feels heavy makeup makes you look aged and leaves your skin look creased.

Port also shares tips to get ready for the beach and festivals with femalefirst.co.uk.

1. Best beauty advice someone has given you?

- It sounds pretty simple, but someone once told me that less is always more, and I stick to that. Heavy makeup makes you look aged and it can leave your skin look heavily creased. This applies especially to concealer, as the more I layer under my eyes, the more I look like I have dark circles.

- Another beauty tip I’ve taken up is to always wash my make-up off at the end of the night. No matter what state I’m in. If I’m feeling lazy, I use make-up remover wipes, but try to stick to a full facial cleansing routine which I can.

2. How do you get beach ready?

If I know I’m going to be hitting the beach, I’ll take extra steps to ensure I’m feeling completely body-confident. Exercising and eating healthily are great ways to make sure you look and feel sexy in your swimsuit.

I’ll also ensure my skin looks and feels healthy and smooth so I’ll really step up my exfoliation routine by using a good loofah and apply a rich moisturiser twice a day. I usually shave every day and like to use a razor with built-in moisturising shave gel bars, like the Venus and Olay razor.

The Olay ingredients help replenish my skin’s moisture, whilst the glossing agent leaves a post-shave glow, making my legs look perfect on the beach.

3. What`s your favourite must-have summer fashion accessory

It would have to be a great pair of sunglasses. I just bought a really cute pair of Céline sunnies with gorgeous silver detailing. Sunglasses are something you wear everyday all summer long so it’s definitely worth investing in a good pair to instantly complete any outfit.

4. What are your go-to looks when attending a festival?

My ultimate fashion combination for festivals has got to be high waist shorts and a mini crop-top, or denim shorts and a t-shirt, which I think will always be in style. I keep things simple and avoid big sun hats or fancy dresses, but my rings and cute gold bracelets never come off.

Comfortable shoes like Converse are always a must and I love wearing chain messenger bags. Last year I wore one from Rebecca Minkoff - they come in great patterns and colours and are light and handy to carry around all your festival must-haves.


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