I have little nips and tucks here and there, says Dolly Parton

Washington: Dolly Parton has revealed that she will continue to have plastic surgery into her late 60s and 70s, but “in moderation”.

The 66-year-old singer, who has undergone several cosmetic surgeries, including multiple breast enlargement operations, admitted that while she doesn’t want to get anything drastic done to her body, she’s happy to go under the knife to keep looking good.

“I have my little nips and tucks here and there but I try to do it in moderation. I’m not ever trying to do anything too drastic,” a website has quoted Parton as telling a magazine.

“I just know when I look in the mirror if I need to do a little something. I’ll be 67 in January - I’ll do whatever needs to be done,” she said.