Kim Kardashian hates falling asleep wearing make-up

Washington: Kim Kardashian ‘hates’ herself when she falls asleep with her make-up on as it dampens her efforts to always take care of her skin.

The 31-year-old socialite usually takes great care of her skin but admits she sometimes forgets to remove all her cosmetics before going to bed, which really annoys her.

“I fell asleep in my make-up two days ago. My skin was perfect and then I fell asleep with all my make-up on. I woke the next morning and was like, ``Why did I do that?`` I hate myself every time I do it,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Heat magazine.

Kim - who is currently dating Kanye West - says she likes to regularly scrub her skin as well as putting sunscreen on in order to keep her looking her best.

“I use Per-fekt. It`s a face wash, toner and a moisturiser. I put sunscreen on afterwards and I use a scrub three times a week.”

However, she admits the biggest beauty blunder she can make is not having her face match the rest of her skintone.

“Sometimes your face will be too pale for your body, and that sucks,” she added.