Madonna may snub McCartney fashion launch

London: Queen of Pop Madonna is likely to snub Stella McCartney`s fashion launch after falling out with the designer`s friends - Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.

McCartney, 39, who is planning a party in the garden of the Church of Saint Luke in New York`s trendy village to launch her 2012 Resort Collection, is unsure about her best friend, Madonna`s presence, reported Daily Mail.

The 52-year-old singer had a feud with McCartney`s other friends, Paltrow and Hudson, who are also invited, reported Daily Mail online.

"There was a frosty exchange between Madonna and Kate Hudson at the Met Ball. Madonna still hasn`t got over Kate dating her ex, Alex Rodriguez, and her friendship with Gwyneth is strained largely because Gwyneth has founded a very lucrative business with Tracy Anderson, who was Madonna`s fitness expert," said a source.

However, the complexities between the stars has led McCartney to worry about her planned party, as her guest list include many A-listers.

"Stella is worried that there could be a bit too much drama at her fashion launch. It`s all very awkward," added the source.