Scarlett Johansson thought `Iron Man` costume wouldn`t fit her

Washington: Actress Scarlett Johansson was worried that she wouldn’t fit in her Iron Man costume.

The Ghost World actress worked out for months before she could get herself in shape for her role in the Iron Man sequel.

However, Johansson was still anxious that the costume would split apart.

“When you wear a catsuit, you wonder if it is all in one place. I had been training so hard at that point I just figured if I didn`t look good in it then I should never ever wear it, so I was happy,” Fox News quoted her as saying at the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 2.

“But the first time you zip it up you go `okay phew there it is in place’ after lots of egg whites,” Johansson said.

“When I saw her in the Black Widow suit at first I was impressed with her, but it was a little distracting and I was like `wow are we really going to be able to do this`,” director John Favreau said.

“But she learned how to fight and it looks just like in the comic books so we really set the bar high and she lived up to our expectations,” he added. “But having Scarlett beat me up sounds better on paper than it does in real life, it was actually very demeaning and painful. But at least it looks good.”



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