Teri embarassed about her candid pics

London: Teri Hatcher is feeling embarrassed after recently releasing close-ups of her wrinkled face saying she had no idea how fast they would spread around the world.

The `Desperate Housewives` star took to her Facebook.com page and uploaded nine candid snaps of her after emerging from a shower.

The actress wanted to prove she has no Botox in her face and insisted she had embraced her fine lines.

"This is so hilarious to me. I can`t believe I actually put that out there!" the Daily Express quoted her as telling Entertainment Tonight.

"Honestly, I am so behind the game on Facebook, I didn`t even know that media could pick up pictures and distribute them all over the world.

But Hatcher still stands by the reason she chose to show off her natural self.

The actress added, "(I wanted) to say that yes, for all you might feel you want to do to manipulate your face - surgery, whatever the things are - that what I wanted women in America, not in Hollywood, to know is that so much of the manipulation of going from the real Teri Hatcher to the Teri Hatcher that`s on an advertising poster or an endorsement, that a lot of that happens through lighting."


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