Victoria Beckham goes nuts for fruits

London: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham`s request for fruits at photoshoots has surprised many as she insists that the healthy treats must not be mixed up.

The fashion designer who is famous for her waif-thin figure has compiled a long list of exact demands for her dressing room "rider".

The wife of football heartthrob David Beckham has banned salad dressings, oil and butter from her diet and demands that there be specific fruits, chewing gum and champagne at her disposal during photoshoots.

The list includes, "Cut pineapple with grated lime peel, green seedless grapes, red grapes (frozen), cut-up pear with lemon juice, apples, peeled pink grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries."

But it warns, "Please do not mix up the fruit but keep separate," reported a news website.

"She`s obsessed with fruit and can`t get enough. The list always gets a chuckle from the assistants who have to go and get this stuff. If we mix the fruit up there`s hell to pay. But it`s Victoria Beckham. What she wants she gets," said a source.

For her snacks, the 35-year-old requests chewing gum and for drinks she orders flavoured water, peppermint and green tea and her champagne has to be Veuve Clicquot.

She also asks for scented candles, iPod speakers, a clean robe, baby wipes and white, cream or purple flowers.

"There is never a request for anything with more than a handful of calories. We joked about leaving a Big Mac in the dressing room, but we know we`d get fired," added the source.



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