Watson ‘had to borrow’ dresses from stepmum for premieres!

London: Emma Watson has said that she was never spoilt for choice of dresses to wear on the red carpet – in fact, she had to borrow dresses most of the time.

Watson revealed that she never had a stylist and was forced to borrow outfits from her step-mother so that she would have something to wear at her movie premieres.

The 20-year-old actress dreaded walking the red carpet as she was growing up because she didn`t have any fancy frocks to wear, reports The Daily Express.

Watson admitted she would don donations from her relatives or pick out bridesmaid dresses from London department store Harrods as a last-minute alternative.

"Everyone imagines stylists were on tap from the studio, but we got nothing. Sometimes I had two days`` notice before an event and there was nothing appropriate for a 14 year old to wear. I`d look in my wardrobe and there was literally nothing. It was either borrow from my stepmother, or go to the bridesmaid department at Harrods," she told Vogue magazine.


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