Recipe: Korma vegetable rolls on toast

Check out how to make Korma vegetable rolls on toast recipe.

Recipe: Korma vegetable rolls on toast
Pic Courtesy: Cremica


1 pc long brinjal
2 pcs Carrots 
1 Red Cabbage 
Cremica Korma Mayonnaise
Sandwich bread


Bring a pot with hot water to boil. Have a bowl with Ice water stand by.
Preheat the oven to 180 C. Wash the Veggies well.
With the help of an Apple Peeler, peel slices of the brinjal and arrots peel by of the Leaves from the cabbage, be carefully not to rip them to pieces, You need big leaves to roll.
Now blanch the Cabbage leaves and Veggie slices in the boiling water till soft and tender and place in the Ice Water to stop the cooking process. Do this with each cabbage leave and vegetable slice. 
Drain well with the help of a Kitchen Towel.
On a piece of Aluminium Foil place a Cabbage leave on top, bush thin with the Korma Mayonnaise then place the eggplant slice side by side on top.
Bush again thin with the Korma Mayonnaise and place the carrot slices on top and garnish with the last brush of Mayonnaise. 
Now, with the help of the Aluminium Foil, roll it and twist the sides of the foil on the end to keep the Round Shape. 
Place for 15 min in the freezer compartment set.
Meanwhile cut round discs of desired size out of the Sandwich Bread, spread a thin layer of Korma Mayonnaise on top and bake till light brown and crispy. 
Now remove the Roll from the freezer and peel of gently the Foil. 
Cut into Finger thick slices and place on top of the toasted Breads. 

(The recipe has been shared by Cremica)

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