`Last Vegas` sequel with Tom Hanks, Will Smith?

Los Angeles: ‘Last Vegas’ director Jon Turtelaub has expressed interest in making a sequel to the recently released buddy comedy with actors Tom Hanks and Will Smith playing key roles.

Turtelaub was recently asked if he was exploring an opportunity to make a sequel to the movie, and he said: "Absolutely".

"There`s a superstition in Hollywood: you don`t talk about a sequel until the first one`s a big hit, but when it comes up everyone got along so well, it was a big love fest with all the actors and I think everyone would love to come back for a sequel," he said in a statement.

‘Last Vegas’ stars Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.

The director believes he has a gamut of actors to choose from if the sequel falls in place.

"There are still amazing actors and actresses out there, as well. If I could get Tom Hanks and Will Smith into the movie that would be good," he added.

‘Last Vegas’ released in India Nov 22.