`The Avengers` will be hard to beat: Chris Hemsworth

London: Actor Chris Hemsworth is worried that none of his movies will ever surpass the success of the blockbuster ‘The Avengers’.

Hemsworth says the phenomenal success of the movie, which earned over USD 1.5 billion worldwide, will be hard to beat and he is likely to be disappointed with his future film roles.

"I don`t think anything will ever come close. Probably `Avengers 2`, but it will be pretty hard to hit that again. It`s almost as if I`ve been ruined for the rest of my career regarding box-office expectations," he said.

The 29-year-old said he never expected the film to have an explosive impact especially due to the silly costumes the cast had to wear.

"I think everyone there knew the potential of what it could be, but at the same time felt as ridiculous as everyone else! Because we`re all standing around in these wacky costumes. It`s the most impractical thing in the world. It`s like, why would you ever put a cape on?" added Chris Hemsworth.