Andrew Garfield braces for critics as new Spiderman

Los Angeles: Actor Andrew Garfield, who is all set to step into the shoes of Toby Maguire as the new Spiderman, is ready to face the critics, saying the biggest one might be himself.

"Ironically, I`m going to be the person in the audience going, `They cast this English fool?`," said Garfield.

The `Social Network` star, who will be seen playing young Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot, says that his portrayal will be different, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"I see it like `Hamlet` or any Shakespeare play. Every actor is going to play King Lear differently because every actor is a different person," he said.

Garfield begins shooting the anticipated fourth Spider-Man film next month, and while his method won`t be drastically different, he is sure the experience will be.

"I think it`s going to be really weird. I don`t know what to expect at all. It`ll definitely be a different way of working and my approach isn`t going to change."

"I`m just going to approach it like I`m doing a short film of Spider-Man that my friend is directing. It`s kind of how I have to approach it or I`ll lose my mind," said the actor.