Andy Garcia reflects on freedom in new film

Mexico City: Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia said here that his new film, ‘For Greater Glory’, speaks about those people who are ready to die for freedom if it`s taken from them, and he added that this right is human beings` most precious asset.

"Nobody wants a war, but when they take away the right to that basic freedom from someone, especially people who have a deep faith, it turns out there are people who are ready to die for that freedom," said the artist at a press conference.

’For Greater Glory’ discusses Mexico`s 1926-29 Cristero War, a conflict started by groups of Catholics against the measures of president Plutarco Elias Calles to exclude the church from public life.

Garcia plays Gen. Enrique Gorostieta Velarde, the protagonist of the film directed by Dean Wright and which makes its debut in Mexican theaters Friday.

Despite the fact that the film tells a story that happened in Mexico and was shot in that country, its focus is international and it was done in English to be able to reach a larger audience.

‘For Greater Glory’ will debut in the US June 1.


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