Arnold Schwarzenegger excited about `Conan` movie

London: Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is delighted to be making `The Legend of Conan` after waiting so long to reprise the character.

The 66-year-old actor is happy to finally have a new installment of the series - in which he previously starred in 1982 and 1984, reportedly.

"They said `Do you want to play Conan? I thought `Oh it will be great to be back` because it`s all of the original characters.
"I`ve tried to do more Conan movies in the past, but the people who have owned the rights I didn`t want to do Conan movies with, if they weren`t on the level of big movies, you know it needed the budget behind it, the director behind it, then it can be a proper movie," Schwarzenegger said.

Meanwhile, the actor said he felt honoured to be offered the chance to return as the destructive cyborg in `Terminator 5` next year despite critics who are concerned his age could jeopardise the continuity of the story.

"So the `Terminator` movie came to me, and I felt very honoured and because there are people who they could have got to do it but they decided to cast me back in the film," he said.

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