Christopher Nolan says Leonardo Dicaprio is a demanding actor

Updated: Jan 01, 2011, 10:33 AM IST

London: Director Christopher Nolan says actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a "demanding" actor.

"Leo is someone I had been trying to work with for years. I`d met him many times and nothing had come together, but I finally managed to convince him with this one and he brought an incredible amount of emotional focus to his character, quoted him as saying.

"He is extremely demanding, which actually helped me work out where in `Inception` the emotional importance of the story is," he said.

DiCaprio gets inundated with movie offers but admits he has high standards when it comes to agreeing to projects.

"I want it to be special and really original. For me, the three elements there have to be are; it has to be a great script, with a great director and great people to work with. That`s what I want and I guess it would sum up the dream for any actor."