Comedian Jack Black comfortable with `family` movies

London: Comedian Jack Black prefers acting in `family` comedies rather than working with his comedy rock band Tenacious D.

The `Gulliver`s Travels` star known for his perfect comic timing and bumbling, cocky characters feels family movies has more universal appeal, Contactmusic reported.

"I feel pretty comfortable in family comedies. I am known for my bluer material with Tenacious D, but I can party in the family realm. And I have a family now, so I think about that stuff," said the 41-year-old actor.

However, unlike Jack, his `Gulliver`s Travels` co-star Jason Segel known for his roles in movies such as `Knocked Up` and `Forgetting Sarah Marshall` finds it "challenging" to act in family movies.

"It is kind of weird doing a family comedy. It`s been a good challenge, trying to be funny without resorting to swearing and raunchy humour," said Segel.


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