Danielle Lineker sets her sights on acting career

Updated: Oct 05, 2010, 16:45 PM IST

London: She is already a TV presenter and a lingerie model, but Danielle Lineker’s eye is now on theatre.

And she is talking about proper, grown-up acting, with her sights set on Shakespeare.

"I would love to play Portia from Julius Caesar. "It`s really theatre I want to do, not film," The Telegraph quoted her as saying.

She recently completed a course at Guildhall Drama School.

"It`s always been a dream of mine to act on stage but I never had the confidence, and then, when I hit 30, I just thought ``why should I hold off any more?``" Lineker said.

Kids, however, are not on the horizon for her.

She said, "It`s not really in our plans to be honest. We``ve got enough with Gary`s kids and mine and we are very happy with what we have got".