I was darker than alcoholic Arthur: Comedian Russell Brand

London: British comedian Russell Brand, who has battled alcoholism and drug addiction, admits he was much darker than the alcoholic character he plays in `Arthur`.

Brand plays drunken millionaire playboy Arthur Bach in the remake of the popular 1981 film.

"My own personal experiences of frivolity and extravagance were helpful to draw upon I suppose but not really my experience as an alcoholic and drug addict. There`s an innocence to Arthur - even though he likes to drink - whereas I was quite dark," contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

Director Jason Winer is all praise for Brand`s acting skills and said he thinks the movie will make people realise there is more to the comedian than they think.

"He is at an interesting point in his career where people still think of him as the bad boy, the `Shagger of the Year`. But this will show he`s much more thoughtful, introspective and smarter than anyone would suspect," Winer said.


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