It`s a great time for women to direct movies: Eva Mendes

Los Angeles: Actress Eva Mendes, who made her directorial debut with `California Romanza`, feels this is the right time for women to turn director.

Mendes showed her movie starring Christina Ricci at the annual Glamour Reel Moments event in Los Angeles earlier this year, reports

"I loved the whole experience. I believe we need more women behind the camera. This year, with Kathryn Bigelow winning an Oscar (for `Hurt Locker`) and Angelina Jolie directing a film, it`s a great time for women to step behind the camera," she said.

"I certainly felt very empowered by it when I made my film. It`s about time we heard more women`s voices and points of view in cinema because it`s a male-dominated industry. It`s starting to equal out a bit, though, which is exciting."