Jolie, Zeta-Jones competing to play Elizabeth Taylor in biopic

London: Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hollywood`s two leading ladies have locked horns to play Elizabeth Taylor in a major new biopic of her life.

Jolie, 35, is hoping that her notoriety will give her the edge. Like Taylor, she has become known as the husband-stealer. She famously enticed Brad Pitt away from his wife, Jennifer Aniston, a news website reported.

Taylor caused a similar scandal in 1958, when she fell in love with singer Eddie Fisher. He was married to actress Debbie Reynolds, who was devastated when her husband left her with two young children to become Taylor`s fourth husband.

Taylor later enticed actor Richard Burton, was married to his first wife, Sybil, and married her 1964 ad=fter divorcing Reynolds.

"Angelina has always identified with Liz Taylor, she feels as if her and Brad`s love affair is similar to Liz and Richard Burton`s story," Jolie`s biographer Jenny Paul said.

"Both seduced married men on-set but felt justified as these men went on to be a big part of their lives and they didn`t just do it once," she added.

Meanwhile Zeta-Jones, 40, has been obsessed by Taylor even longer than Jolie. She recalls the day she met the Hollywood veteran as a youngster in London.

"We go way back. I was about 12 and she was starring in The Little Foxes in the West End. My mother took me to the stage door before a matinee. I brought her daffodils, the Welsh national flower. She was wearing big black sunglasses and I asked her to take them off ? I wanted to see those famous eyes and she replied, `Oh, it`s too early for that, honey!`," Zeta-Jones said.

The rivalry between Zeta-Jones and Jolie goes back some years.
Zeta-Jones became close to Pitt and his then wife Jennifer Aniston, when she appeared alongside him in `Ocean`s 12`. But the actress was shocked when Pitt walked out on Aniston after an affair with Jolie.

Her outspoken husband Michael Douglas had said, "I don`t know about Brad Pitt leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. How long is that going to last?" Jolie was said to be incensed so when Ocean`s 13 was being cast, Pitt reportedly insisted not only that Zeta-Jones be written out, but also that her character suffer a particularly nasty death.


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