‘Knight And Day’ stunt was ‘intense’, says Tom Cruise

London: Tom Cruise has revealed that filming a stunt in his new movie ‘Knight And Day’ was ‘intense’ experience.

The nail-biting scene - which was witnessed by wife Katie Holmes and their four-year-old daughter Suri - consists of the Hollywood star helming a speeding motorcycle with a gun-toting Cameron Diaz astride him, as bulls thunder down the streets of Spain for `el encierro` (the running of the bulls).

"There are certain days when you do some hairy stunts - you just want to be cool; you don`t want to make a big deal of it, everyone wants to be chilled about it, but it was intense," a news daily quoted him as saying.

"My sister Lee Anne was there and so was Kate. She was like, `You`re going to do the bulls things today?` No one wants anyone around who will say, `Oh my God, don`t kill yourself today!`"

Tom said he had always wanted to do a dangerous stunt on the big screen.

"I always thought I wanted to run with the bulls until I was on a motorcycle doing it, running and getting ping-ponged into walls with big bulls in front of us. I was just thinking to myself, `Do not go down on this motorcycle with Cameron on the back`.”

"It was a stunt that I had wanted to do in a movie for a while - for me to flip someone around on a motorcycle. There were just moments when I couldn`t wait to see what she`d do," he added.