Lohan`s performance will blow people`s mind: Director

London: Matthew Wilder, the director of Lindsay Lohan`s next film, says the actress will "blow people`s minds" in an upcoming movie on iconic porn star Linda Lovelace.

Wilder insists that despite her party girl reputation, Lohan is a "thoughtful" actress who shines in her portrayal of troubled star Lovelace because the two have much in common.

"Both of them grew up where there was kind of this whole industry built around them. Lohan in real is a very thoughtful person, she cares about acting and has a lot of heart. She is not the kind of screwball that is depicted everyday in the press," contactmusic.com quoted Wilder as saying.

"Her fans are not going to see this whacked-out person... They`re going to see the artist coming out. I feel like when this actually comes out and when you see what the movie is and what she`s doing, it`s going to be so unexpected that it`s going to actually kind of blow people`s mind," he added.



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