Movie starring Hitler as evil kung-fu master seeking funds

Washington: Adolf Hitler can soon be seen playing the most evil kung-fu master in the world, Kung Fuhrer, in a movie, if the producers of the flick manage to get 200,000 dollars in funds on Kickstarter.

According to the Verge, the trailer of ` Kung Fury ` that is assembled using the raw footage that has already been shot, shows everything from skateboard-toting punks to time travel to dinosaurs to Norse gods and to Nazis.

David Sandberg, the project`s writer, director, and star, said that apart from creating all the environments digitally, there`s a lot of CG animated characters such as dinosaurs and robots that requires talented people and lots of time.

The money collected from Kickstarter will go towards hiring a team of 7 visual effects artists for 6 months to create the free 30-minute movie that will be released online.