Refugee who fled Sierra Leone lands role in new ‘Harry Potter’ movie

London: A child refugee who fled war-torn Sierra Leone has landed a role in the new ‘Harry Potter’ film.

Magortu Margai, now 20, will play a Hogwarts pupil.

The girl lived in the African country until she was six - fearing for her life in its civil war.

Margai even scrambled under a bed with her aunt to hide from rebel troops as they slaughtered men, women and kids.

"It`s surreal. I`ve read all the books and seen all the Harry Potter films but I`m still trying to believe I`ve got a role in one given that I could have been shot dead all those years ago,” the Sun quoted a thrilled Magortu, of Barking, East London, as saying.

She will star in the second film of the two-part ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, which is set to hit cinemas in July next year.

The first part will be released in November.

Magortu has already met Daniel Radcliffe, 20 - who plays boy wizard Harry - during a break in filming.

"I was eating lunch and got chatting to Daniel. It was only for a few minutes but he was really nice. The first time we spoke was because he overheard me say I was nervous on my first day of filming. He told me not to worry and helped me calm down,” she said.

She added: "When I heard I was going to be in the film it was a dream come true."