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Review: Just go with it is a devious piece of comedy!

‘Just go with it’ is a romantic comedy where you can expect everything a typical Adam Sandler movie has to offer. The film stars Jennifer Aniston too in the lead role.

In the film, Sandler plays the role of Danny who is a plastic surgeon by profession and he gets a lot of women as clients. He also hooks around with many hot girls but to everyone he pretends to be recently divorced.

One day his strategy backfires at him when he comes across a sexy young schoolteacher Palmer played by Brooklyn Decker who discovers his ‘wedding ring’ before he can begin his game on her.

He then lays innumerable lies around his play to keep Danny trapped in his lies about a recent separation with his so called wife. Now, to back up this lie he ropes in his assistant Katherine played by Aniston who is a single mother with two young children.

As the lies spiral out of control, the group ends up on a ‘getting to know you’ holiday to Hawaii. The movie tends to become quiet predictable at this point so if you don’t like rom-coms or Adam Sandler, you are unlikely to be impressed by this film.

They, then at Hawaii, exploit Valentine’s weekend. The story plot turns into a lacklustre Sandler humour. The children and the comedy cousin pitch in with regular chuckle inducing scenes, largely based on ridiculous accents and a bit of slapstick, and these serve to dilute the leading man’s antics; but they aren’t quite broad or funny enough to sustain big laughs throughout.
The director Dennis Dugan though has improved on his comedy film skills after ‘Grown Ups’ and impressively has managed to conjure up some believable chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

Aniston, for her part puts in quiet a performance which is a testament to her talent for the genre. She never fails to impress her fans and like always, manages to look great.

To summarise, this is a template rom-com layered onto your usual high-concept Sandler comedy cynically produced for the typical cinema-going couples. Viewed as such, it is a rousing success that exhibits Aniston’s talents as a romantic lead and tones down Sandler’s failings as a comedian/actor. But rated as a film in its own right, it’s nothing special.

Rating: Two cheers for this one!

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