Review: `Life as We Know It` is nothing but stereotype

Spicezee Bureau

‘Life As We Know It’ starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel has not lived up to its expectations. Messy scripting along with poorly edged out characters make the film unappealing and meaningless. Katherine plays a harsh and an anxious woman while Josh is a bit laid back. Their characters do not resemble people who we know and are completely fictitious and unrealistic.

The film is stereotype and offers nothing new. The only thing that makes the movie bearable is the presence of the cute baby. However, there are little bursts of laughter and a handful of romantic chunks. The film is just an attempt to portray originality.

Heigl plays Holly and Duhamel plays Messer who meet up on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. They end up running into trouble when a baby comes their way. The two are forced to smile and bear it. The story takes a turn when the baby’s parents die leaving it to Holly to raise the child. Holly had always secretly wished for a baby. The protagonists are now parents of the orphan and learn how to change diapers.

As Holly and Messer are about to fall in love, the heroine flirts with a pediatrician, played by Josh Lucas, while Messer has several one-night stands. The two drift apart and try to concentrate on their respective careers. Contrived situations and unrealistic situations make the story elastic and last for a lengthy unbearable two hour episode to watch. At the end, the two again reunite to play the perfect parents to the child to have a happy ending.

The film is something which is worth a miss. So we do not need to crib for having ruined our weekend and hard earned money.

Ratings: Only one cheer for this one!