Scarlett Johansson ignored advice against stunts

Los Angeles: Actor Samuel L. Jackson had urged co-star Scarlett Johansson to reduce risky movie stunts to avoid injuries, but she didn`t pay heed to it and ended up aching and bruised while filming "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

Johansson took part in numerous fight scenes on the set of the new superhero movie, and Jackson had advised that she must get a body double for the scenes. But she was adamant about performing them on her own to lend authenticity to the movie, reports

She said: "It`s important people know that (I do my own stunts). If you just hand over to the experts when the going gets tough, I don`t think you are fully embracing the part. I like doing the stunts.

"Oh, sure, it hurts sometimes. I came into work on `Winter Soldier` some days aching with bruises and bangs, and Samuel L. Jackson, my co-star, would say: `So why not just hand over that stuff to the experts, Scarlett, and save yourself from pain?`

"I explained to him why I just couldn`t do that. Please don`t think I`m stupid, though. I know my limitations. When Natasha, my character, has to bound 20 ft in the air and do four cartwheels, it`s my stunt double Heidi Moneymaker who`s doing that. But that woman hanging 60 feet in the air, taking punches and throwing punches? Well, that`s me."