Steve Carell says no to comedy that mocks people

London: Funnyman Steve Carell is tired of doing comedy roles which pick on people needlessly.

The 48-year-old star says he wants to avoid doing a "mean" film in the future because he feels guilty for making fun of people in the past, Contactmusic reported.

"I don`t care for mean humour. It doesn`t sit well with me. There`s already so much bitterness and cynicism out there. What I find funny is human," said Carell.

Discussing his previous work on spoof news programme `The Daily Show`, Carell said, "It was much meaner early on and I worried we were just making fun of people. I did as piece about a convention of Klingon-speakers. We went down there and basically made fun of them, but they were without doubt one of the kindest and warmest groups of people I`ve ever met."

The `Evan Almighty` actor says he adores Peter Sellers and finds solace in his comedy, because he is both "silly" and human.

"Look at Peter Sellers - he played characters who were heightened and silly, but at the same time you were watching a human being truing to hold on to a semblance of dignity," he said.


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