Teen singing sensation Justin Beiber wants to play Oliver Twist

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2011, 16:59 PM IST

London: At 17, Justin Beiber is already a multi-millionaire, but the popstar wants to relive his impoverished upbringing in a film based on Oliver Twist, the classic novel about an orphan boy growing up in the streets.

The singer is desperate to play the protagonist in a remake of the classic 1968 musical `Oliver` and believes that his difficult childhood would make convincing in the role, reported a website.

"We didn`t have anything in the fridge, except maybe luncheon meat for school and macaroni and cheese. I`d love to play Oliver Twist," said Beiber who was raised in a basement council flat in Canada by his single mother, a reformed drug addict.

But he has admitted his English accent will take some work.

"I can do it a little bit but I`m not amazing at it. When I try it, it sometimes comes out a bit Australian," said Beiber.

His fans are sure to be delighted by their idol`s second screen outing.

His first venture, `Never Say Never`, a 3D concert documentary containing unseen footage of his childhood, has been a worldwide smash.