Tintin’s passion inspired Spielberg to make 3D animated film on him

London: Steven Spielberg has revealed that he was inspired to make Tintin into a movie due to the character’s passion to achieve or uncover a mystery.

The 64-year-old director, who has made iconic films like ‘Jaws’, ‘E.T’ and ‘Jurassic Park’, also said that he admired how nothing could stop Tintin and his amazing relation with Captain Haddock.

“I discovered that Tintin is a tenacious young discoverer and investigative reporter. His passion to achieve or uncover a mystery inspired me,” the Daily mail quoted him as saying.

“I admired how nothing will stop him, and how he has this amazing relationship with the most unlikely partner, Captain Archibald Haddock.

“Together they’re the yin and the yang: Tintin is the straight man, Haddock the fall guy – he’s the one who gets cold and drunk and lights a fire in a lifeboat, not realising it’s going to burn a hole in the boat and they’re going to sink.

“Herge’s sense of humour was very close to slapstick and the silent movies. The detectives Thomson and Thompson are comedic characters, a double act like Laurel and Hardy.

“I said to Kathy, my fellow producer, ‘We’ve got to make this into a movie. Where do we start?’ Kathy said, ‘We start by meeting Hergé’,” he stated.

After many failed attempts by other directors to show Tintin on the big screen, Spielberg is all set to make a 3D animated movie with the aid of motion capture, combining live action and animation, and the three Tintin books have been adapted for the new film ‘the Adventures of Tintin’.


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