Tracy, Hepburn`s Hollywood affair goes to big screen

Los Angeles: The legendary romance between Hollywood icons Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn is all set to be immortalised on the big screen.

David Rambo, the writer of `CSI` and `Revolution` is working with Permut Presentations and Reunion Pictures on the script of `Tracy and Hepburn`, reported Deadline.

The story would follow their relationship from their meeting at MGM during making of their first film together `Woman of the Year` (1942) to Tracy`s death in 1967.

Hepburn and Tracy were together for 26 years. Tracy died soon after shooting together for `Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner`.

During his affair with Hepburn, Tracy was still married to actress Louise Treadwell with whom he had two children. The couple hid their relationship from the public until Louise`s death.

They starred in at least nine films together.

The couple have been portrayed in cinema in earlier instances too. In Martin Scorsese`s 2004 film `The Aviator` Kevin O`Rourke starred as Tracy and Cate Blanchett played Hepburn, a role for which she won an Oscar.