‘Tricked’ Harry Potter fans furious over Onion News’ ‘7 split films’ spoof

London: Thousands of Harry Potter fans were outraged when they found that a report that claimed the last four minutes of ‘The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ would be split into seven separate films was actually a spoof.

The report appearing on the satirical Onion News Network website claimed Harry Potter films would continue being churned out until 2019 including an entire movie about Harry gasping and possibly one about his magic broomstick sitting in a cupboard getting covered in mildew.

The report ended with the anchorman announcing: “Producers of the new Cameron Diaz film Bad Teacher, have decided to split that movie into zero parts and never release it.”

But many Potter fans weren’t amused and soon angry posts started appearing on Facebook complaining about the outrageous ``plan``.

One post read: “grr im really mad them now! the last book isn’t even the longest book!! grr i mean come on people! the last 4 minutes? really?``

Another Potter fan posted: ``Is that real? If so im gonna be pissed.”

Another poster replied: “it sounds legit…it came straight from warner bros…click on the link and watch the video it tells you how they’ll do it.”


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