‘Wanderlust’ director all praise for Jennifer Aniston

Washington: Director Judd Aptrow loved working with Jennifer Aniston on his upcoming comedy ‘Wanderlust’, in which the actress has apparently gone topless.

Aptrow said that Aniston, 41, was "just easy" on the flick’s set.

"That’s why people like her and like working with her so much," a website quoted Aptrow as saying at Saturdays` Producers Guild Awards in L.A.

“She’s always been an incredibly, funny person. She really is what she appears to be. She is just a great person who really is skilled at what she does and is hilarious!," he said.

The comedy film, set to be released this October, features Aniston and onscreen husband Paul Rudd getting into some R-rated shenanigans -- a nudist, hallucinogenic drugs and more -- when they mistake a hippie commune for a bed and breakfast.