Woman claims ‘Avatar’ lifted from ‘Warrior’ novel

Los Angeles: A San Diego woman is the latest to challenge James Cameron`s authorship of ‘Avatar.’

Kelly Van filed a lawsuit in California district court against Cameron, Fox and producers of the blockbuster film, claiming it infringes the copyright on her 2003 book ‘Sheila the Warrior: The Damned.’

The complaint, filed Monday, doesn`t indicate how producers got access to her work, but it alleges substantial similarity in characters, setting, plot, visual effects, scenes, concept and feel. Van`s ‘Sheila’ novel details two women who travel to another "breathtakingly beautiful" planet, full of peace and a nice ecosystem, fall in love with the locals and deal with "bloodsuckers" intent on destroying the planet if they can`t get control of valuable minerals. Sound familiar?

The alleged similarities, notwithstanding that both films featuring characters with "long braided hair growing beyond the buttocks," are about as blurry as watching the 3D version of ‘Avatar’ without the 3D glasses.

Regardless, Van wants an injunction and maximum statutory damages. She`ll have to get in line with others who have questioned Cameron`s sui generis.

"This suit is absolutely baseless," a Fox spokesperson said. "Jim Cameron`s treatment for Avatar was written before Ms. Van alleges she even started to write her book."

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