Ankita replaces Dimple in `Amrit Manthan`

Mumbai: Ankita Sharma, who has replaced Dimple Jhangiani in ‘Amrit Manthan’, says after playing several good goody roles, she is keen to play some negative characters.

"I would love to play a negative character. Positive characters are kind of same. But I feel negative characters are a challenge and I would love to play one," Ankita said.

In the show, which comes on Life Ok, Nimrit meets with an accident and undergoes a cosmetic surgery.

"It`s a big responsibility for me. It is very difficult. In a daily soap, people get used to seeing one face. There is always a fear of how they will accept a new face," said the actress, who was earlier seen in the title role in ‘Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto’.

"I have observed Nimrit`s character nicely for some time now. I have added something of my own too," she added.

Ankita has essayed many positive roles earlier, but says that Nimrit`s character is different from the rest.

"She trusts her sister a lot, she cannot even think that her sister can harm her. But today because of her sister, her life has changed. It is a big thing for a person when their face changes. Now she will change because of the things that has happened with her," she said.

She has been shooting for a few days now and likes the atmosphere on the set.

Playing Nimrit has taught Ankita a lot. "The character trusts people and this is something I do as well. But you should not trust anyone immediately and I learned this from Nimrit`s character," she said.