Being selfish got me `Desperate Housewives`: Eva Longoria

London: Hollywood actress Eva Longoria Parker thinks her selfish attitude at the audition of `Desperate Housewives` helped her land a role in the popular series. The 35-year-old actress, who played Gabrielle Solis, a materialistic woman who often thinks about herself before others, in the comedy drama for seven seasons admitted that she arrived for audition with creator Marc Cherry without reading the entire script, reported a news daily.

"Marc Cherry asked me, ``What did you think of the script?`` So I said, ``You know, I didn``t read the script, I just read my parts and I think she``s fantastic``." "And he said he knew I was Gaby at that moment because that was the most selfish thing to say.

That I only read my part. He goes, "Yep, there``s our Gaby," said Longoria.

The dusky beauty who became a recognised face on the US soap ``The Young and The Restless`` said that her mother was very disappointed with ``Desperate housewives`` as she didn``t want her to switch over from daytime TV. "I remember when I got ``Desperate Housewives``, my mum was like, ``But it``s not on during the day?`` She was really upset about it. But I said.

``I think this is better Mum," she said.