‘Bigg Boss 4’ inmates ditch co-participant Ashmit Patel

Updated: Jan 07, 2011, 16:27 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The ‘Bigg Boss 4’ controversy stricken personalities - Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra and Khali are plotting against their fellow contestant Ashmit Patel.

Recently, when ‘Bigg Boss’ gave the last four contestants the power to collectively vote out any one of the contestants from the house, they were clear on their heads as to who to get evicted.

TV star Shweta Tiwari and the great Khali unanimously voted for the loud mouthed Dolly Bindra. While Dolly wanted her arch rival Shweta to leave. Ashmit Patel voluntarily decided to move out of the house only to make his co-participants happy. On hearing Ashmit’s decision, the remaining three contestants assured him all the support. They told him not to leave and that they would stand by him and not let him leave the house.

Not surprisingly, when ‘Bigg Boss’ quizzed the three members, they named Ashmit blatantly, only to prove how self-centered and dual faced they were.

But ‘Bigg Boss’ has certain other plans. The genuine man received a special prize of 5 lakh rupees for being humble.

Talkin g about Ashmit, his publicist said “Jaako raakhe saiya maar sake na koi,” (meaning-“Those who are protected by the Lord cannot be killed by anyone”).