‘Bigg Boss 7’: Gauahar left alone, cries!

Updated: Dec 25, 2013, 06:18 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, Gauahar was seen crying all alone. She probably felt cheated by people who she thought were her friends. But the fact is that Gauahar too played her cards well!

Bigg Boss gave a task to the last 5 contestants- Tanishaa, Andy, Sangram, Ajaz and Gauahar- and asked them to make confessions in front of each other. He wanted each of the contestants to recall bitter words they uttered for their co-inmates.

Ajaz, Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram had a lot to talk about Gauahar while the lady was left alone to fend for herself with none left by her side. Gauahar too made her disliking for Ajaz and Tanishaa very apparent.

Tanishaa and Gauahar ended up having an ugly spat. Allegations and counter accusations followed and in the end, Gauahar was seen weeping.

Each of the contestants is out there to win. Who do you think is playing a better game? Let us know.