‘Bigg Boss 7’: Kushal annoys Gauahar, fights with her

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: In the latest episode, Bigg Boss played some foot tapping songs in order to cheer the inmates of the house, who were yet to come to terms with Kamya Punjabi’s eviction. Many felt that she was one contestant who truly deserved to win the contest.

Tanishaa, Armaan, Andy, Sangram, Gauahar, Kushal and Ajaz gathered at the garden area. Everyone apart from Armaan, Kushal and Ajaz started dancing. And that was when Gauahar asked Ajaz to join them.

Kushal was left offended and he refused to dance with Gauahar telling her that she shouldn’t have invited Ajaz.

The lovebirds ended up having a verbal spat. Gauahar told Kushal that he was overreacting and there was no reason for him to get angry with her.

Ajaz realised that Kushal and Gauahar have had a tiff and he tells Andy that Gauahar is harming herself by being in a relationship with the TV actor.

Andy tells Ajaz that Kushal and Gauahar will not appreciate anyone interfering in their personal matters and let them deal with their fights themselves.

In the mean time, Kushal and Gauahar reconcile.

Ajaz tries to put his views forth to Gauahar and Kushal about their relationship. But the couple tells him to not to interfere in their personal matters.

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